Sticker de Baby in Car

Sticker de Baby in Car

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The waving hand baby in the blue car decal can attract peoples' eyes when they see the car sticker. Therefore, when people are driving past the car, they will be more aware of driving and keep a suitable distance from the car. When you are driving with your kids inside, the Durable car decal is very useful and necessary. The car sticker can be stuck to your car for a long time and used as a good decoration for your car.


- Color: Blue.
- Design: Waving Hand Baby in Car.
- Dimensions: 12.5cm * 11cm * 0.05cm.
- Durable.
- A nice decoration to your car.


- Remove dirt from the car surface before installation.
- When installing, tear up one side of the double-face adhesive tape, fix it and then remove another side and fix.
- Press heavily after sticking.
- After this sticker is pasted, wait for 24 hours for the best effect.